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Welcome to the Digital Excellence Summit 2020

Organizations define digitalization in various perspectives. There are companies having an overview that human capabilities would be superseded by artificial intelligence, while others believe the future comprises of digital marketing. Some organizations are working on data analytics, whereas some are focusing only on Industrial Automation.

Variety of digital beliefs is a clear identification of an amazing opportunity i.e. to standardize the leaders & companies’ digital thinking through global authorities & enable them to generate real benefits of Digitalization. Filling up this gap will bring digital efficiency in their business outlook.

Global digital giants including Google, IBM, SAP, Teradata, Microsoft, S&P Global and several others having intensive research, optimized solutions and benchmark used cases are considered as global authority in digital excellence. The DX summit would serve to gather their digital stories under one platform to pursuit digital excellence allowing the companies of Pakistan to move from good to great.

What’s in the Menu

Hear inspiring talks, meet the digital gurus and rock the future!

Experience Centers
A group of impactful digital gurus gathers for the memorable experience — which participants will describe as “a journey into the future.”
Panel Discussions
Access to expert panels regarding five clusters of digitalization. Stick around for mind-blowing ideas from best speakers exclusively at DX Summit.
Multiple Breakouts
Experience centers and break-out sessions would be held to generate actions and to optimize your digital strategy.
We make the digital go BOOM!